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During your reception you will want a variety of music. Please specify the music you would like for the following events.
DJ to play this type of music when guests arrive:
Wedding Reception Dinner Type:
Wedding Reception Dinner Type:
DJ to play this type of music during dinner:
Specific Song for First Dance:
Specific Song for Father / Daughter Dance:
Specific Song for Mother / Son Dance:
Specific Song for Wedding Party Dance:
Specific Song for Bride and Groom Last Dance:
Music Mix for Wedding Reception: After the formal dances your guests will be ready to help you celebrate. Here is a guide to help us select the music that is right for you. The column on the right is for any specific favorite songs.
% Percentage of Top 40 / Current Music:
Specific Songs from Top 40 / Current Music Genre:
% Percentage of Oldies / 50s & 60s Music:
Specific Songs from Oldies / 50s & 60s Music Genre:
% Percentage of 70s / Disco Music:
Specific Songs from 70s / Disco Music Genre:
% Percentage of 80s Music:
Specific Songs from 80s Music Genre:
% Percentage of Country Music
Specific Songs from Country Music Genre:
% Percentage of Latin Music:
Specific Songs from Latin Music Genre:
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