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Patrick was the PERFECT DJ for our wedding. We not only got him when booking Atomic Entertainment, but we also got his amazing wife, Monica. From the minute I met them at a bridal show, I KNEW I wanted them for our wedding. After telling my (then) fiance about them, we met up with them shortly after and as we walked away he agreed that they were the perfect match for us. They are a fun, spunky couple whose love for life shows through.

We did not want a drab DJ who simply pushed the play button on an MP3 or computer while standing behind the table the entire time. We wanted someone who would get our guests up and dancing, and someone who really understood the vibe that we wanted for our big day.

My husband and I actually had some venue problems 5 months before the wedding and ended up struggling to find the perfect venue that was still available (hard to do so close to an April wedding!). Monica noticed that we were struggling and immediately took action without us even knowing! Before we knew it, we were booking a beautiful venue, thanks to Monica.

They exceed the expectations of a DJ. They truly care for each individual couple and take the best care of them. On the wedding day, Monica worked with our coordinator to ensure that everything went smoothly. Patrick was behind the microphone at all times making sure that the crowd was doing what we wanted; dancing the night away.

After the wedding, our families went on and on about how amazing our DJ was, and it made us feel that much better about having hired them. We never doubted for a minute that we made the right decision, and knowing that our guests loved Patrick and Monica as much as we did just added the cherry on top! Patrick and Monica, we really love you both and are so happy to have had you not only be our vendors, but to have you as our guests and to share the most special day with us. You two are outstanding, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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