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We used DJPJ (Patrick) and Monica Cullen of Atomic Entertainment for our wedding last weekend, and we positively loved them. Patrick and Monica are an amazing team that not only have the flair and energy that you want in a DJ, but also the experience and know-how to keep everything moving smoothly and on schedule.

Monica was in constant motion the entire time always ensuring everything and everyone was in the right place at the right time. She even drove back to our hotel to grab the marriage license that we forgot. A few of our friends commented that they thought we had hired Monica as our wedding coordinator not knowing she was DJPJ's wife!

Patrick is a great DJ who reads the crowd very well. He always knew when to bring the energy and when to dial it back. And he's a heck of a dancer! Be sure to play a couple good dancing MJ tracks so he can show off his moves.

They're the best. No really, they are.

Hire them with confidence. :D

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